Company profile

Analytical and Biological Laboratories and Expertise in Biosciences

ABLE Biosciences is the Scientific Unit of Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A. (BiPCa) - a Science and Technology park located near Turin in the North of Italy, focused on Life Sciences - devoted to services on behalf of a third parties.

BiPCa was created thanks to Regional and European fundings at the beginning of the 90s. It is operative since 1998. In 2012 BiPCa decided to improve its scientific division creating Able Biosciences.

BiPCa scientific division was beforehand committed to conduct applied research projects and to provide services to companies settled in BiPCa. Thanks to the aquired competences BiPCa decided to extend the service activities to external companies.

The principal improvement to increase market potential was to upgrade the quality management system level drawing inspiration from Good Laboratory Practice.

ABLE Biosciences is now providing scientific technology and services to the Life Sciences industry at global level. It delivers solutions to companies coming from Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic, Medtech, Veterinary, Agri-Food and Environmental fields of all sizes and shapes.

ABLE Biosciences solves client problems, throughout many R&D phases of its products, providing a wide range of standard and customized assays. It allows clients to reach faster the proof of concept and to boost their licensing opportunities.

ABLE Biosciences team skills can support mechanism of action investigation, target validation, early-ADME studies, biomarker discovery, peptide mapping and protein identification.

Furthermore ABLE Biosciences performs bioanalytical activities providing high quality services for preclinical and clinical phases. i.e PK studies and Biomarkers quantification in compliance with GLP; Set up, validation and application of bioanalytical methods for the quantification of small molecules, biologics and biomarkers in complex matrices.